Amplify your voice in the digital town square

from the comfort of ChatGPT

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Perfect Chirp plugin for ChatGPT

Create banger tweets in 30sec or less

Available in the ChatGPT Plugin Store

Turns your idea into 10 tweet options in different styles and tones

Why Perfect Chirp?

Amplify Your Voice

Perfect Chirp is your essential tool for amplifying your voice in the digital world. It turns your ideas into compelling tweets in 30 seconds or less.

Generate Multiple Options

Perfect Chirp offers you 10 different tweet options in varied styles. You can pick your favorite, mix and match, or try again with a different idea.

How to Use Perfect Chirp:

Begin with 'Write a tweet...'

Initiate your prompt with 'Write a tweet...' and communicate your idea. Perfect Chirp will transform your thoughts into tweet-ready content.

Upgrade for Unlimited Access

Start with the free plan that allows up to 8 tweets per month. Once you reach your limit, upgrade directly through ChatGPT for unlimited tweets at $2.50/month.

How to Install

Subscribe to ChatGPT plus and enable plugins in your settings under “Beta features”. Find Perfect Chirp in the plugin store and install.

About us

Perfect Chirp is a built by Prompt Perfect, a prompt design studio crafting AI solutions that are accessible to everyone.

Find out more info about us here.